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Index of obituaries posted in the Belvidere Apollo/Intelligencer newspaper:
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The Belvidere Apollo was a weekly newspaper from Belvidere, New Jersey, a small town in the northern part of the state.  It was published from 1826 to 1953.  As with many small town papers, it provided quite a bit of local news, and it usually included either death notices or, in some cases, longer obituaries from people in this part of New Jersey.
Since our papers are not indexed, they tend to be hard to use for genealogical purposes unless the researcher has a date.  Fortunately for our library, we have a volunteer, Mr. Robert Evans from Great Meadows, New Jersey who meticulously read through every page of every available issue of the Apollo to find any relevant death notices, obituaries, or news accounts mentioning a death.  We are also fortunate to have another volunteer, Janet Davis, who completed the final volume of the index.
We would suggest that if you are using this index, you read our helpful introduction first.  It explains how we listed the various names, how we handled names with titles, how we listed people when their first names were not given, etc.
The index gives simply the name of the person, the date his/her obituary or death notice was in the paper, and the page upon which it can be found. The actual newspaper itself is not online.